Drum Circle

Fun with Drums and Rhythm Instruments

with everyone joining in!


Drums for Peace (Community Drum Circle) 

Facilitated by: Jeff Cozy   

• Drumming with people of all ages from beginners to experienced players.

• Main Objective: Share rhythm and form a collective voice as we drum together and have fun.

The determining criteria for a drum circle is that the music is improvised and co-created by the participants

Jeff (the facilitator) helps to maintain a steady beat, helping those who need it, and generally managing the environment to see that everyone is able to participate fully. The participants make up the music as they go along, using their listening and playing skills to make musical connections and express themselves in any and all ways that feel right.  Cues, which often mirror the movements of an orchestral conductor, are directed at the participants, who respond to the facilitator. This creates a leader/follower dynamic between the facilitator and participants. Actions such as rolling (rumbling), starting, stopping, raising/lowering the volume, accents, and when to play/not play are often given by the facilitator.

What's with the name Drums for Peace?

It came about from the feeling you get after drumming in a group of people that have had a group unity experience together. It feels really good, peaceful.

Jeff Cozy started Drums for Peace after doing an album in 2004 titled “Drums of Peace” with Boyd Sibley. Boyd came to Jeff’s recording studio in La Crosse, WI with some native american flutes he had been playing. Jeff set up all his hand drums and old orchestra drums in a circle around him and played with Boyd while he played keyboards and then over-dubbed flutes. The album was finished at Boyd’s studio in Sedona, AZ. The Duo is called “BridgeWalker”. Contact Jeff for CDs.

We started having occasional drum circles at the studio but it really took off when we were invited to teach drum circle and play at the 10K Fest in Detroit Lakes, MN in 2006.

In 2009 we had our first drum circle at Justin Trails Resort in rural Sparta, Wi.

2010 brought us to Justin’s again plus one at Mike’s South Park in Esofea, WI and another at Jeannie Halverson’s in northern WI to dedicate a labyrinth with Spring Forest Qi Gong Master, Chunyi Lin.

In April  2011 we were invited to drum at Earth Fair Celebration at Myrick Eco Park in La Crosse. We followed that with our Annual Justin Trails Circle and just finished our 2nd successful year at Myrick ECO Park Earth Fair .


Drum Roll Rumble Please . . . . . .